Use Moving in a Sentence, How to use “Moving” in a sentence


Use Moving in a sentence. How to use the word Moving in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Moving. Sentence for Moving.

Moving - Sentence for Moving - Use Moving in a Sentence


Examples of Moving in a sentence

  1. You have to keep moving forward.
  2. A maze of moving legs.
  3. Moving to Georgia in 1776, he was a member of the General Assembly ( 1776 ) and the executive council (1777-1778 ) and served as surveyor general ( 1778 ).
  4. He then became, successively, a U. S. senator from Georgia (1789-1793), a federal circuit court judge (1794-1797), and, after moving to New York City, a member of the New York state Assembly (1802-1805) and inspector of state prisons ( 1802—1810).
  5. The tales, though overlong and slow-paced, are moving in their increasingly fateful mood.
  6. Sentimental, yes, but finally very moving.
  7. The current sculpture is one of Rodin’s most moving and compelling works.
  8. Incredibly fast funiculars spiraled around the outer skin of its long conical shape, moving the privileged and powerful.
  9. That night, Beijing was authorized to hold the Olympic Games, which is exciting and moving news for all Chinese, but it was unintelligible.
  10. Background subtraction was used to detect moving vessels in spring video images.
  11. He noticed that they were continually moving in a zigzag pattern.
  12. The scene is ineffably, absurdly moving, the sweetest expression of family love seen in recent films.
  13. Moment: Impulse of a moving physical object … or of a body moving in a straight line to remain in a straight line movement unless an external force acts on it.
  14. And that’s my goal right now … to just keep moving, because if we stop it’s the end for us.
  15. The children have grown very fond of our neighbors, and are upset Now that they are moving away.
  16. She remained bitterly opposed to the idea of moving abroad.
  17. Someone moving to Oxford will fare even worse, ending up more than £2,000 a year worse off.

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