Use Mouse in a Sentence – How to use “Mouse” in a sentence


Use Mouse in a sentence. How to use the word Mouse in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Mouse. Sentence for Mouse.

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Examples of mouse in a sentence

  1. There is another old ruin a few miles below, called the Mouse.
  2. A mouse nibbled in the wall.
  3. Rollo waited many hours longer, but no mouse came.
  4. The gifts proved to be a bird, a mouse, a frog, and five arrows.
  5. She called it her rolling mouse.
  6. Miss Anne made her a mouse, and Lucy played with it for some time.
  7. She asked Miss Anne if she would not make her a rolling mouse, for her kitten to play with.
  8. He waited here an hour, and at length a little mouse peeped out.
  9. Methods Chromosome aberration test of primary spermatocytes of mouse testicles, morphological analysis of spermatozoa and teratogenic test.
  10. One of the most innovative systems is the one found in the optical mouse used with the Xerox Star business computer.
  11. “Now, Kitty,” said Malleville, “if you will sit still and hark, I will tell you a story,–a story about a mouse.
  12. I read it in a book. Once there was a mouse, and he was white, and he lived in a cage.
  13. Marco thought of the fable of the mouse and the lion, but since his new companion was in such ill-humor, he thought he would say no more to him.
  14. The Cat and the Mouse used to fight each other in old times, and the Mouse used to beat.
  15. Rollo darted his paw out at him, but he missed him, and the mouse drew back into his hole where he was safe.
  16. And their kings (Idanthyrsus and Taxakis) sent to Darius a bird, a mouse, a frog, and five arrows.
  17. “Let’s make it, man … let’s split….” whispers Bartholomew Oliver, one finger brushing his nose like a rattler nosing a dead mouse.


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