Use Motion in a Sentence, How to use “Motion” in a sentence


Use Motion in a sentence. How to use the word Motion in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Motion. Sentence for Motion.

Use Motion in a Sentence - How to use "Motion" in a sentence

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Definition of Motion

1. the action or process of moving or being moved.
2. a formal proposal put to a legislature or committee.
3. direct or command (someone) with a movement of the hand or head.
4. make a proposal in a deliberative or legislative body.


Examples of Motion in a sentence

  1. A whitish crystalline powder, C 25 H 27 ClN 2, which is used to treat nausea and motion sickness.
  2. Lord Bute read the motion for the Friends to be formally established, and this was approved unanimously.
  3. Typical examples are Hangsaman (1951), The Bird’s Nest (1954), The Haunting of Hill House (1959), which was made into a motion picture, and We Have Always Lived in the Castle (1962).
  4. Judy Garland;(1922-1969), American singer and film star, who probably introduced or revived more popular songs than any other singer in motion pictures.
  5. Grey’s romances of the westem American frontier were translated into 20 languages, and many of his 54 novels were adapted for motion pictures.
  6. She made numerous motion pictures, beginning with Only Yesterday (1933) and ending with No Sad Songs for Me (1950), and appeared frequently on television.

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