Use Mother in a Sentence, How to use “Mother” in a sentence


Use Mother in a sentence. How to use the word Mother in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Mother. Sentence for Mother.

Use Mothers in a Sentence - How to use "Mothers" in a sentence

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Examples of mother in a sentence

  1. In the process of budding, a cytoplasmic extension forms on the mother cell.
  2. In Mother Russia, the website quotes you.
  3. Plastic is obviously a culprit in the deteriorating status of Mother Earth.
  4. As the “bud” grows, the nucleus of the mother cell divides.
  5. “She was lovely,” said Mercury’s mother, Jer Bulsara, in a 2012 interview.
  6. One nucleus stays in the mother cell, and with the help of cytoplasmic rotation movements, the other nucleus moves into the new cell.
  7. When my mother and I arrived at the door of my bedroom, I was surprised.
  8. His mother would alternate inexplicably between kindness and cruelty.
  9. A baby from Guanaco is cared for by his mother Hannah (R) in his enclosure at the Berlin Zoo.
  10. Looking like an ET, a baby gibbon is in the hands of his mother at the Schoenbrunn Zoo in Vienna.
  11. A ring-tailed lemur huddles with its mother in its enclosure at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo.
  12. Zoo officials are concerned about the elephant mother.
  13. In 1803, an American, John C. Otto, accurately described it as a hereditary disease which does not affect women, but is transmitted from the mother to her children.
  14. He also had two daughters, the elder of whom, Rosamond, was the mistress of Henry II and by him the mother of William Longsword, Earl of Salisbury.
  15. John left a 7-year-old son, Henry (1454-1523), whose birth for reasons of security had been concealed by his mother.
  16. Kathy’s mother, Maggie Griffin, has influenced hugely her daughter and the financial wisdom and knowledge she passed on to her daughter, has definitely shaped her financial independence.
  17. Actually it is understandable if a mother in law do not really like her girl in law but men wants them to get a long well.


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