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Use Most in a sentence. How to use the word Most in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Most.

Definition of Most

Examples of Most in a sentence

*** Please accept my most sincere condolences.

*** Flexibility Most people, despite protests to the contrary, adhere to a rather narrow band of behaviors.

*** No one will deny that a degree in Harvard is more valuable than a degree in East Overshoe Tech, but for most schools, the important part is that you have obtained the degree in an accredited school.

*** He was a violent polemicist, most of whose works are either spiteful reminiscences or virulent pamphlets against republican institutions.

*** Green also published a number of other papers, the most important being on the reflection and refraction of sound and light.

*** Probably his most important work is his biography of Franz Kafka.

*** Of the extant fragments of Eupolis works, the most extensive group is from The Demes (c.411).

*** As an actress, I longed to play one of the most meaty roles, like Lady Macbeth.

*** The climb is now one of the most popular in the Alps.

*** Originally designed as cargo ships, these may not be the most glamorous ships afloat, but they are pleasantly spacious.

*** On the contrary, I think it is a selection process, knowing what is the most important and what is the latest.

*** Most scientists of the time were prepared to accept Darwin’s case.

*** Like most modern literature, the new narrative reflects the ontological uncertainty of contemporary man.

*** The submarine cables of the world now have a length exceeding 200,000 nautical miles, and most of them have been manufactured in the Thames.

*** In this, as the most important cables, like those of the Telegraph Oriental and the other with the earth; but it differed from other methods in that it did not require “artificial” or equilibrium cable.

*** She was almost as bored as Donald.

*** Most of the job descriptions are boring, boring and totally colorless.

*** His work is hard and unglamorous, and most people will find it boring.

*** In all, he completed 123 engravings, most of them landscapes after Claude Lorrain and his English imitators, an achievement which secured him a mural tablet in Westminster Abbey after his death.

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