Use More in a Sentence, How to use “More” in a sentence


Use More in a sentence. How to use the word More in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word More.

Use More in a Sentence

Examples of More in a sentence

  1. It produces more than it needs, and then pours its surplus into the world market.
  2. A trade surplus means that more products than imported are exported.
  3. 90% of managers wanted to see more cargo transported by rail.
  4. Are you ready to drive more traffic to your web site?
  5. Accept what was and what is, and you will have more positive energy to pursue what will be.
  6. We can not accept more reservations.
  7. The committee kicked their suggestion for more than an hour before deciding they could not accept it.
  8. When my old friend Brian urged me to accept a cigarette, it was more than I could handle.
  9. These two cables did not have a very long life, that of 1865 broke in 1877 and that of 1866 in 1872, but on the last of these dates four more cables had been laid in the Atlantic, including one from Brest to Duxbury, Massachusetts.
  10. But as the marriage approached, he decided he needed more.
  11. More than half say they have not started saving for retirement.
  12. Saturday will be a more cloudy day with mostly mild rainy outbreaks in the western areas, slowly extending eastward, although many central ( and eastern areas should remain dry.
  13. I can do it through the rain. I can get up one more time on my own.
  14. Despite the great earthquake, we are not going to shake the resolution and even more rain, we pour immortal love.
  15. I have written at least two columns abruptly of loot about First Lady Laura Bush, and I am willing to include some more before next January.
  16. That’s fun; nothing is more boring than playing in a metronome.
  17. I can think of something more boring than lying on the floor and doing squats and lifting my legs every morning.
  18. The envelope with the notification sent by the Treasury was worth more.

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