Use Monstrous in a Sentence, How to use “Monstrous” in a sentence


Use Monstrous in a sentence. How to use the word Monstrous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Monstrous. Sentence for Monstrous.

Use Monstrous in a Sentence - How to use "Monstrous" in a sentence


Examples of Monstrous in a sentence

  1. And now,” he continued, “tell us what this monstrous image means.
  2. The remains of a monstrous bastion were to be seen beyond it.
  3. From classical antiquity through to the Enlightenment, the monstrous child bore witness to the fearsome power of the mother’s imagination.
  4. The monstrous images evoked simply do not correspond with the average offender included in the legal category of offense to which the term refers.
  5. The road will be red with monstrous martyrdoms, but we shall win.
  6. “And could we move a monstrous great stone,” said Rollo, “as light as a feather?”
  7. The fish grew to a monstrous size, and Manu brought him to the ocean; and it bid Manu build a ship, and embark on the ocean.
  8. These are all described with an exaggeration and monstrous unreality into which Indian poetry only strayed after traversing many stages.
  9. From the necessity that every one should work up to Brahman, arose the monstrous doctrine of regenerations.
  10. monstrous masterpiece from the breeding pits of the Clans.
  11. A touch of the monstrous in the hero, or Beowulf re‐Marvellized.
  12. The strange-looking man shown here is from a series of drawings Da Vinci made called visi mostruosi in Italian, which means “monstrous faces.”
  13. The media and the law frame certain sexually deviant behavior as monstrous, and those who engage in such behavior as monsters.
  14. The relations between a monstrous body, such as a ruffed calf or a two-headed baby, and its meaning were multiple and protean.
  15. But now these stories are making their way onto the shelves, proud and glowing in all their sultry, monstrous glory.
  16. Maybe it’s the fact that his collection of monstrous props, art and artifacts grew so large that it warranted a public exhibition at the Los Angeles …

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