Use Monotonous in a Sentence, How to use “Monotonous” in a sentence


Use Monotonous in a sentence. How to use the word Monotonous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Monotonous. Sentence for Monotonous.

Monotonous in a sentence

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Definition of monotonous

  • 1. Not changing in pitch or tone : monotonous talk
  • 2. Boring becasue of lack of variety or change: a monotonous task.

Examples of monotonous in a sentence

  1. Wasted mandate and monotonous work.
  2. The rain was dripping steadily in a monotonous drizzle.
  3. The accountant said it was the most monotonous day she had ever spent.
  4. In this comedy, which has been translated into 35 languages, Yuste will become a married taxi driver who apparently leads a very quiet and somewhat monotonous life.
  5. Unfortunately, the dependence on the dynamics of achieving gags ends up sabotaging part of the power of the same, as the impact declines and not having a well defined progression in the first season, may end up being monotonous.
  6. One instructor is like the engine-boy, turning, without cessation or change, his everlasting stop-cock, in the same ceaseless, mechanical, and monotonous routine.
  7. It would be equally unwise to keep them many days performing example after example in monotonous succession, each lesson a mere repetition of the last.
  8. These means of awakening interest and relieving the tedium of the uninterrupted and monotonous study of text-books must not encroach on the regular duties of the school.
  9. Must every thing in education go on in a uniform and monotonous manner, and, while all else is advancing, shall our cause alone stand still?
  10. Gradually, after what seemed to me to be hours of that monotonous pace, the light on the road faded slowly to a delicate primrose.
  11. Veiled in the monotonous fall of the leaves, it seemed to Margaret that the desolate evening awaited her.
  12. The good which was accomplished extended perhaps through a long, but monotonous period of quiescence and repose.


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