Money in a sentence

Use money in a sentence. Sentence for money. How to use the word money in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word money. How to use “money” with example sentences.

Definition of money

Examples of money in a sentence

*** We are there to heal your conscience and manage your guilt money.

*** Homeare affiliated, to earn money on the World Wide Web.

*** Several members of the congregation organized a cake sale to raise money for a new piano.

*** He was overoptimistic about both the value of his “cheap money” policy and the possibility of making sterling convertible by 1947.

*** To dream that silver vanishes predicts an upcoming change of fortune, but that should not discourage us because a good flow of money will come.

*** To dream that we are robbed of money or silver: warns that we may lose our investments.

*** Much of Kendall’s money later went to charities.

*** And besides, after paying the accumulation of debts that it has and that it is going to contract, it will be impossible to invest public money for the Islet.

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