Use Modern in a Sentence, How to use “Modern” in a sentence


Use Modern in a sentence. How to use the word Modern in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Modern.

Use Modern in a Sentence - How to use "Modern" in a sentence


Examples of Modern in a sentence

  1. Does Modern Chaos provide evidence for ontological indeterminism?
  2. Martin Heidegger, the existentialist philosopher, has explored the origin and essence of modern technology from the perspective of the ontological meaning of existence.
  3. Some of the best examples of its use in modern verse are found in the works of Emily Dickinson, T. S. Eliot, and Allen Tate.
  4. Many fine reproductions of oriel windows appear in the modern American architecture of collegiate institutions and civic buildings.
  5. Modern African literature stands at the confluence of many streams.
  6. It attempts to portray modern social and political realities and to examine both African and Western values.
  7. Modern fiction, for example, often takes on the tone and manner of the oral tale, often incorporates songs typical of oral literature, and peoples the sharply etehed landscape of modern Africa with the characters of traditional literature.
  8. I. A. Richards, literary theorist, modern British poet and educator, greatly admired Eastern culture, with special interest in ancient Chinese philosophical and cultural thoughts.
  9. Genetist of international renown, one of the founders of modern genetics, a distinguished scientist and educator.
  10. The policy of Pay-What-You-Can conceived and promoted by de la Maza shows unequivocal characteristics of a gift economy, first popularized in modern terms in the pioneering works of Open Source by Eric Raymonds.
  11. Takeo Arisima, one of the representatives of the Birch School in modern Japanese literature, was a “conscientious humanist writer”.
  12. The local population generally preferred a modern bungalow to a quaint cabin.
  13. Founded in 2001, Faxin Zhongxin Stickness Co., Ltd is located in Shenzhen, a modern coastal city with picturesque landscapes.
  14. The change of code, the alternative use of two or more languages ??or varieties of languages ??in the same statement or conversation, is a quite common occurrence in modern life.
  15. His long association with Alfred Stieglitz and the young modern painters in Stieglitz’ circle began in 1912, the year in which Dove had his first exhibition at Stieglitz’ Photo-Secession gallery in New York.

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