Use Misogyny in a Sentence, How to use “Misogyny” in a sentence


Use misogyny in a sentence. Sentence for misogyny. How to use the word misogyny in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word misogyny. How to use “misogyny” with example sentences.

Use Misogyny in a Sentence - How to use "Misogyny" in a sentence


Definition of misogyny

  • Hatred of women

Examples of misogyny in a sentence

  1. It is known as misogyny to the attitude and behavior of hatred, repulsion and aversion on the part of an individual towards women.
  2. Both machismo and misogyny are phenomena related to sexism and that harm massive numbers of women.
  3. Etymologically, misogyny is of Greek origin misogynia, composed of miso that is translated as hatred, gyne expressing women and the suffix -ia that means action.
  4. Generally, misogyny is related to gender violence against women and feminicide by men, but in some situations it is also applied to women who despise and despise others.
  5. Misogyny is a behavior practiced since ancient civilizations, since women are seen in some cultures as the cause of temptation and the perdition of man.
  6. Misogyny exists in the human relationships of some societies, establishing beliefs that relate to the woman with the origin of all evils.
  7. In this sense, misogyny can be related to the total absence of the female sex in the life of man.
  8. The individual who practices misogyny is called a misogynist, that is, who feels antipathy or hatred for women.
  9. As was previously stated, misogyny is the rejection, hatred or prejudice towards women products of different causes such as the belief that women are the weaker and inferior sex with respect to the male s.x, what is known as machismo, traumas caused by a woman carrying physical, psychological and emotional abuse.
  10. Andrés Gutiérrez, a 33-year-old resident of Huelva, died this morning due to serious misogyny.
  11. “We could do little to save him: in order to treat the hemorrhage, before we should have treated the misogyny, but there was no time,” says the director of the hospital.
  12. Upon seeing the nurses, the patient lifted his nightgown and did “Ueeeh, ueeeh” by moving his genitals, ignoring that if he was bleeding, it was precisely because he had the mutilated penis, which shows that his misogyny was certainly serious and was a very advanced state, so little could be done.

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