Use Miraculous in a Sentence, How to use “Miraculous” in a sentence


Use Miraculous in a sentence. How to use the word Miraculous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Miraculous. Sentence for Miraculous.

Use Miraculous in a Sentence - How to use "Miraculous" in a sentence


Examples of miraculous in a sentence

  1. This Machiavellian approach would be difficult to justify even if the ESCR led to miraculous cures.
  2. Herodotus maintains that the Magians also occupied themselves with soothsaying and prophecy; like Ctesias, he ascribes to the Medes the interpretation of certain dreams and other miraculous acts.
  3. The neighbourhood of Ascalon, where we found the oldest and most famous temples of the Syrian goddess of love (I. 360), was the scene of the origin of the miraculous child.
  4. I am writing down the things I actually saw, and I repeat that I have never had the slightest twist in the direction of the miraculous.
  5. Sir Roderick had more miraculous escapes than John Smith himself, and died at last in his bed at the age of eighty from overeating cherry-pie.
  6. A bird year, the old coachman had called it; but a miraculous spring it seemed to me, with its bright soft winds, as sweet as honey, and its far, serene sky.
  7. So she had looked down on the child, and so, for one miraculous instant, she gazed directly into my heart.
  8. For one miraculous instant!
  9. They followed the voice, and, having recovered the head by means of this miraculous guidance, they buried it with the body.
  10. A great many other tales are told of the miraculous phenomena exhibited by the body of St. Edmund, which well illustrate the superstitious credulity of those times.
  11. Amasis, however, sent word back to him in reply, that he considered the return of the ring in that almost miraculous manner as an extremely unfavorable omen.
  12. You could not otherwise have escaped, in so miraculous a manner, the snares set for you in your infancy.

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