Use Minister in a Sentence, How to use “Minister” in a sentence


Use Minister in a sentence. How to use the word Minister in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Minister.

Use Minister in a Sentence - How to use "Minister" in a sentence


Examples of Minister in a sentence

  1. In the 1920’s he was minister to Argentina and the United States.
  2. Now the grocery stores want the Prime Minister to intervene.
  3. The result will inevitably fuel speculation about the future of the Prime Minister.
  4. This would inevitably imply his exit from the office of Prime Minister.
  5. The minister accused of cheating the parliament was not available for comment last night.
  6. Since one of the issues in dispute was the question of the restoration of the monarchy, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill persuaded King George II to delay his return to Greece.
  7. Created duke de Rovigo, Savary succeeded Joseph Fouché as minister of police in 1810.
  8. Anna Howard Shaw; (1847-1919), American minister and physician, who was a leader in the women’s suffrage and temperance movements.
  9. All organizations within this congregation must exist to help minister to the members of this congregation and to all the people that can be reached with the Gospel of Christ.
  10. Most of the congregation in Drayton would certainly be grateful if their Minister in charge would become vicar.
  11. The support of the Prime Minister will give an additional boost to the campaign against crime.
  12. He was also minister of the interior after 1919.
  13. From 1859 to 1915 he was minister of Praed Street Chapel and of the Westbourne Park Chapel in London.
  14. Very successful as a diplomat, he was soon appointed Russian minister to Persia.
  15. In 1867 he became the first finance minister of the new dominion but resigned in 1867 after quarreling with Prime Minister Macdonald.
  16. He was minister to the United States during President Theodore Roosevelt’s administration, and was elected president of Ecuador in 1916, serving a four-year term.
  17. After Churchill became prime minister in 1940, Tizard’s influence diminished, and F A. Lindemann, later Lord Cherwell, became the government’s leading scientific adviser.

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