Use Members in a Sentence, How to use “Members” in a sentence


Use Members in a sentence. How to use the word Members in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Members.

Members in a Sentence


Examples of Members in a sentence

  1. The tropical members often have very large flowers.
  2. Within the installation, the activists organized a sit-in to protest against the expulsion of members of an environmental group who, it is said, had been accredited but denied entry.
  3. Be prepared to accept the advice of staff members.
  4. Members of this group are familiar molds that grow on meat, cheese and bread.
  5. The members of the tribe feel a greater sense of identity with each other than with “outsiders.”
  6. It will be recalled that fellow members of a kinship group regard each other as equivalents, and they rally as one to the support of a lineage brother.
  7. The meanings of symbols and forms were immediately comprehensible to the members of the society.
  8. In most African societies the store of riddles is stable and is known to most of the members of the group.
  9. Wolves and domestic dogs are members of the same species.
  10. The third task was to get the five members of our group through a large spider web.
  11. During the last week, members of Congress and local officials across the country have urged Clinton to intervene.
  12. They had no sanctioned power to intervene in the affairs of their members, but only to represent them to outsiders.
  13. The president considered that it was his place to intervene in the disagreement between two of the members of his committee.
  14. Inevitably, fights erupt among the members of the contending groups.
  15. Present in the plenary, 195 members and 152 alternate members of the CPC Central Committee.
  16. Many social service staff members are very concerned about the shortcomings of the policies they administer.
  17. This week he is sending instructions to members not to administer or mark the tests.
  18. The only difference in benefits between the regular membership and the affiliate is that only regular members can vote on representatives of the CFA Institute.

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