Use Media in a Sentence, How to use “Media” in a sentence


Use Media in a sentence. How to use the word Media in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Media. Sentence for Media.

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Examples of media in a sentence

  1. Shojo Beat is a shōjo manga magazine formerly published in North America by Viz Media.
  2. Here, CO2 gets dissolved into the hot aqueous solution of potassium carbonate (i.e. the scrubbing media).
  3. Network operators and their media partners can thus offer new services and tap new sales potential .
  4. He argues that his image as a group of violent thugs is a deceptive by-product of a sustained media campaign.
  5. However, local media and many residents of Rotorua were excited about the amount.
  6. Adobe Illustrator CC software is the industry standard vector-drawing environment for designing across media.
  7. Despite years of media exaggeration and billions of dollars dedicated to the company, embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) has never produced any clinically proven therapy, and probably never will.
  8. In February 2005, Viz Media announced the creation of a new manga anthology, Shojo Beat.
  9. Two algebraically explicit analytical solutions of the governing equation set for the coupled heat and mass transfer process of rapid drying in porous media are derived.
  10. Long before the age of social media, we lost touch sadly – but I still think of her often.
  11. Barack and Michelle Obama shared some photos on social media and said that the family had lost “a true friend and loyal companion.”
  12. Check out some of Mary’s full videos below, as shared on her _theiconoclass TikTok account, and be sure to follow Mary’s social media accounts for her latest updates if you enjoyed her content.
  13. Similarly, our media and film fraternity are required to be more considerate while depicting such people in their shows and films respectively.
  14. In Episode 6, Blake was forced to resign when the Nightingale operation falsely provided information to the media that Blake had done dodgy deals with the Mafia.


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