Use Meanwhile in a sentence


Use Meanwhile in a sentence. How to use the word Meanwhile in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Meanwhile.

Definition of Meanwhile

Examples of Meanwhile in a sentence

*** Meanwhile, the massive aerial bombardment / bombing of military targets continued unabated.

*** Meanwhile, Western countries remained divided over whether they should intervene militarily in the conflict.


*** Meanwhile, many political landowners still enslave banks with foreign financing.

*** Meanwhile, I’ll fix some victuals.

*** Meanwhile, the Scandinavian countries have an alternative proposal to start a moratorium on nuclear dumping by 1990 at the latest.

*** Meanwhile, Cole and Brennan administer an angiogram and she starts looking for Cole and convulsing.

*** Meanwhile, fifteen of Africa’s active allies have accepted in Mali what THEY can do to encourage political and butter development.

*** Meanwhile, China’s biggest cities try to sweep the streets without unintelligible Chinglish.

*** The Ottoman Empire, meanwhile, felt the beginning of new friendships.

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