Use Meanwhile in a Sentence, How to use “Meanwhile” in a sentence


Use Meanwhile in a sentence. How to use the word Meanwhile in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Meanwhile. Sentence for Meanwhile.

Use Meanwhile in a Sentence - How to use "Meanwhile" in a sentence

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Examples of Meanwhile in a sentence

  1. Meanwhile, the massive aerial bombardment / bombing of military targets continued unabated.
  2. Meanwhile Diodotus had founded an independent supremacy in Bactria.
  3. Meanwhile, Western countries remained divided over whether they should intervene militarily in the conflict.
  4. Meanwhile, many political landowners still enslave banks with foreign financing.
  5. Meanwhile, I’ll fix some victuals.
  6. Meanwhile, the Scandinavian countries have an alternative proposal to start a moratorium on nuclear dumping by 1990 at the latest.
  7. Meanwhile, Cole and Brennan administer an angiogram and she starts looking for Cole and convulsing.
  8. Meanwhile, fifteen of Africa’s active allies have accepted in Mali what THEY can do to encourage political and butter development.
  9. Meanwhile, China’s biggest cities try to sweep the streets without unintelligible Chinglish.
  10. The Ottoman Empire, meanwhile, felt the beginning of new friendships.
  11. Meanwhile, martian scientists continue their search for intelligent life on Earth.
  12. Meanwhile, fitness companies such as Garmin, Polar and TomTom have also begun to include built-in heart rate sensors and smartphone notifications on their GPS clocks.
  13. The momager, meanwhile, said she was not having any negativity, while the KKW Beauty founder seemed to have earned more tirades after focusing on the financial side of the matter, defending their move by saying everything that gets posted online receives backlash.
  14. Meanwhile, Nixon said the U.S. Department of Justice is beefing up its civil rights investigation of the shooting.
  15. Meanwhile Mrs. M. quietly pursued her various avocations, without apparently noticing Helen’s conduct.
  16. “Now,” said he, “it will take some time for them to get hot, and I will go and clear out the floor of the hen-house in the meanwhile.”
  17. Meanwhile the priests at Babylon had made provision, and set up a regent from among themselves who governed the kingdom till the return of Nebuchadnezzar.


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