Use Meals in a Sentence & How to use “Meals” in a sentence


Use Meals in a sentence. How to use the word Meals in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Meals. Sentence for Meals.

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Examples of meals in a sentence

  1. Made-to-order meals and snacks are available in Elements Café.
  2. Vitamin E supplements are absorbed best when taken with meals.
  3. By folding a couple of recipes I always have the meals “go to” in my freezer.
  4. Does she take her meals in the nursery?
  5. As a consequence, they no more question why they go to church than they question why they go to meals.
  6. To keep Cousin Pelham waiting for his meals was, I soon discovered, an unforgivable offence.
  7. At noon a trained nurse came on the case, and for a week we took our meals together in the morning-room upstairs.
  8. However, most patients can be made more comfortable by following a program in which they eat frequent small meals and do not eat at ali within three hours of bedtime.
  9. In addition, some time ago the news was known that Barack Obama himself consumed every afternoon, to snack, the exact amount of seven almonds and, like him, we can incorporate them into our diet to overcome hunger between meals.
  10. Capricia Marshall, the White House social secretary, arranged for the White House butlers, chefs, and valets to come help the Camp David staff in making sure the meals were enjoyable.
  11. From coordinating all the activities of the family to preparing meals, parties and gifts, there is little that they can not do and that they have not touched them.
  12. Cooking for a family of 10 people is more than daunting, so for years I acted in a great trick to make meals, which was to choose a day of the week to prepare all my meals and fold in a couple of recipes to freeze to use in the future.

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