Use Me in a Sentence, How to use “Me” in a sentence


How to use the word Me in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Me.

Use Me in a Sentence - How to use "Me" in a sentence


Examples of Me in a sentence

  1. This was probably a result of me sampling each one mouthful at a time, so the differences were being accentuated, whilst for all intents and purposes, the beers were very similar in taste.
  2. The news surprised me.
  3. When I hear people refer to them as macaroons, it effects me like somebody dragging their nails down a blackboard, shudder!
  4. I have tried to occupy myself by learning a programming language, and the fundamentals of music theory, but neither have really captured my interest in a way that would allow me to throw myself completely in them.
  5. To be acknowledged by the Australian Paralympic Committee and know that they are behind me is a such a good feeling.
  6. These warnings have earned me a great deal of criticism from fellow politicians and some members of the media.
  7. This dress could have been made for me and my tan boots and belt.
  8. This had me wondering : is the right to silence a fundamental human right?
  9. Trump has rung me a few times…
  10. Within five minutes she was crying and telling me quite forcefully, ‘I want my money back, I am not doing that anymore.’
  11. Why don’t you listen to me?
  12. Don’t tell me that Mainalnd Chinese who go to Hong Kong don’t know what a washroom is.
  13. Enough of the excuses, and let me give you brief overview of our past few days in Italy.
  14. It sounds like chain store artisanal bread to me!
  15. He means to make me say, that knowing the best which has been thought and said by the modern nations is knowing their belles lettres and no more.
  16. The knowledges that I have learned allows me to answer the guiding question, because it gives me an idea that business/organizations doesn’t simply responds to the needs and the wants in the market by just providing products and services.

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