Use May in a Sentence, How to use “May” in a sentence


Use May in a sentence. How to use the word May in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word May. Sentence for May.

Use May in a Sentence - How to use "May" in a sentence


Examples of May in a sentence

  1. Opioid premedication may contribute to the incidence of postoperative nausea and vomiting.
  2. You may change your Profile information at any time beginning on your second visit by choosing “Edit Personal Profile” on the Members’ Console.
  3. Like any other part of your profile, you may change your Singles Headline and/or Greeting at any time.
  4. There may also be flatulence, pain, nausea, loss of appetite, weakness and weight loss.
  5. The teacher may wish to introduce the students to the evidence of archeology, and perhaps aerial photography.
  6. The son of a peasant, Thenard was born in Louptiere, France, on May 4, 1777.
  7. The use of a space separator will expand your living room and destroy any intimate environment you may have in the room.
  8. It may rain tomorrow, but in any case we will go home.
  9. It may rain, but I’m going to leave anyway.
  10. May 12, 2008, a magnitude of approximately 8.0 major earthquakes has occurred in Wenchuan County in Sichuan Province, China.
  11. A single sporangium may contain up to 40.000 spores.
  12. Wooden spoons, stools, and heddle pulleys for looms may contain geometric or figurative carved forms.
  13. Finally, distortions of cultural reality in folktales may represent wish fulfillment.
  14. Complications may include abscesses, nephritis and rheumatic fever.
  15. cord compression may result if an epidural abscess in the spinal canal is not treated promptly.
  16. Complications may include abscesses, nephritis, and rheumatic fever.
  17. May good health follow you throughout the year. Happy New Year.
  18. May the season bring you much pleasure.
  19. The court may impose a fine or imprisonment.
  20. We may have to resort to the use of untrained personnel.
  21. On the contrary, as the state of mind improves, the desire for sweets may decrease.
  22. Likewise, an unwanted or unhappy pregnancy may unexpectedly result in the birth of a loved child instantly.
  23. That means you may have unwanted feelings of need only after a relationship has arisen.
  24. We may have to intervene militarily in the area.

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