Matrilineal in a Sentence

Use Matrilineal in a sentence. How to use the word Matrilineal in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Matrilineal.

Definition of Matrilineal

Examples of Matrilineal in a sentence

*** The Hani passed through the matrilineal clans, the patrilineal clans, the feudal lordly system and the socialist society.

*** At the beginning of human society, our society is divided into a clan of matrilineal and patrilineal clan.

*** The worship of bamboo genitalia consists of the worship of vulvas and phalism, the first is the result of matrilineal society, while the second is the result of patrilineal society.

*** A large minority, however, are matrilineal; a person belongs to a kin group composed of all those people descended from a common female ancestor through females only.

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