Use Material in a Sentence – How to use “Material” in a sentence


Use Material in a sentence. How to use the word Material in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Material. Sentence for Material.

Material in a sentence


Examples of material in a sentence

  1. The actuator drives the shaft coupling and the valve cartridge to adjust the material flow.
  2. Warren has cut and pasted this material with a convincing and disappointing effect.
  3. I considered giving you a compelling reading material.
  4. Its suppression furnished material for a debate in Parliament: “This is a cleverly written article,” said Mr. John Dillon, “and I cannot find in it a single word which justifies suppression.
  5. Semiconductor organic material is the main factor that differentiates OFET from the traditional field effect transistor.
  6. Can I get a xerox from some material on microfilm?
  7. For xerox is to make copies of graphic material through a process of dry photocopying.
  8. The arms and legs should be massaged, through the material, in the direction of the heart to aid circulation.
  9. Mattresses, pillows, upholstery cushions, undercarpet padding gaskets, and prosthetic devices may be made of the material.
  10. This is the main obstacle to using cloned embryo material for the treatment of diseases.
  11. Indium is concentrated in the flue dust material during zinc production.
  12. Besides information acquired at first hand, my material is mainly drawn from the following sources
  13. The central power, which embraces the market economy, has embraced the capitalist promise to increase and spread the level of material well-being.
  14. Can I get a Xerox from some microfilm material?
  15. What he coveted, so far as material gains went, were the large compensations in Asia Minor.
  16. For my policy the arrival of the Anglo-French was a most material asset.
  17. Hence the desire of the Germano-Bulgars to prevent the escape of men and material that might at any moment be used against them.
  18. The claim was presented as “compensation” for the war material abandoned to the Germano-Bulgars in Cavalla: about guarantees not a word.
  19. Then he went on to state that the surrender of any more material would be equivalent to a departure from neutrality; and the Central Powers, which had already protested against the light flotilla’s passing into the hands of the Entente, would so regard it.
  20. Under the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising (“Endorsement Guidelines”), and as updated in 2015, you are required to disclose any material connections.

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