Use Match in a Sentence, How to use “Match” in a sentence


Use Match in a sentence. How to use the word Match in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Match. Sentence for Match.

Use Match in a Sentence - How to use "Match" in a sentence

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Examples of Match in a sentence

  1. A costume is not complete without the perfect makeup and hairstyle to match.
  2. A classic Bordeaux wine from one of the best vintages of recent years. The wine shows balanced aromas of chocolate, cranberry and cedar. A wonderful wine and a great match for meat dishes.
  3. The trunks of birch, pine and fir, branches and leaves long ago are remarkably well preserved, and it is easy to see that they do not match the resistant shrub that grows in the Arctic today.
  4. The only cars that could match the acceleration of the Ferrari were Shelby Cobras and Aston Martins.
  5. Yingkow is also a lightindustrial center, with some shiprepair facilities, several textile milis, woodpulp and match factories, a fairly large soybean-processing plant, and a magnesium-processing plant.
  6. Aggressive performance stats match the car’s looks: Its 3.7-litre 750bhp, twin-turbo engine can take the car from 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds, to a top speed of 245mph.
  7. Abbott’s traditional 5% match will deposit $4,000 each year on the said employee’s retirement plan or 401 (k).
  8. He rubbed one of his matches against a dry log, and the match immediately kindled.
  9. “Now, Stuyvesant,” said Beechnut, “light a match and set fire to the train.”
  10. “Find one that has been lying in the sun,” continued Beechnut, “and then the match will catch quicker, because the stone will be warm and dry.”
  11. So Stuyvesant lighted a match by rubbing it upon a smooth stone which was lying upon the ground near by.
  12. Though inferior in numbers the Lydians showed themselves a match for the Medes.
  13. I knew that the man across from me drew a cigar from his case, felt in his pocket for an instant, and then turned to me for a match.

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