Use Manner in a Sentence, How to use “Manner” in a sentence


Use Manner in a sentence. How to use the word Manner in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Manner. Sentence for Manner.

Use Manner in a Sentence - How to use "Manner" in a sentence

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Examples of manner in a sentence

  1. At the same time, the client must deal with the attorney in a fair and equitable manner.
  2. In the same manner the other columns were designated.
  3. In this manner the knowledge they acquire will become their own.
  4. It can be done in such a manner that the pupil will see the propriety of it, and acquiesce pleasantly in it.
  5. The form and manner in which this plan may be adopted is various.
  6. He did this, not with such an air and manner as to convey the impression that his object was to find fault with the boys, or to expose their misconduct, but to show the necessity of doing something to remedy the evil which had been the cause of so unpleasant an occurrence.
  7. The teacher takes the slate and pencil, performs the work in silence, brings the result, and returns the slate to the hands of his pupil, who walks off to his seat, and goes to work on the next example, perfectly satisfied with the manner in which he is passing on.
  8. In fact, it does not depend so much on the methods he adopts as upon the view which he himself takes of these plans, and the _tone and manner in which he speaks of them to his pupils.
  9. Show by the manner in which you consider and speak of the question that your main inquiry is what is your duty.
  10. He looks at his watch, and shows by his manner that he is desirous of finishing what he is saying, but that he knows that the striking of the bell will cut short his story.
  11. You have several times lately assisted me in various ways, and I know, from the cheerful manner with which you comply with my wishes, that your prevailing desire is to give me pleasure, not pain.

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