Use Malleability in a Sentence, How to use “Malleability” in a sentence


Use Malleability in a sentence. How to use the word Malleability in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Malleability.

Use Malleability in a Sentence - How to use "Malleability" in a sentence


Examples of Malleability in a sentence

  1. *** The malleability is a physical property.
  2. *** The softness and malleability of gold make it perfect for making jewelry.
  3. *** A particular aspect of malleability is the manageability of identity.
  4. *** Tests used to evaluate the ductility and malleability of stainless steel subjected to bending.
  5. *** It is the malleability that allows the metal to deform permanently under compression without rupture.
  6. *** It provides an environment of incomparable textual malleability and also fulfills many reconstructive hypotheses about the text.
  7. *** The loss of malleability of a material due to a chemical treatment or physical change.
  8. *** I see three important constituents of the digital world becoming more evident: malleability, anonymity and connectivity.
  9. *** And they seem to behave in a similar way, both in their weight and in their malleability, in their color and in how they react to other substances like dissolving in aqua regia.
  10. *** Two mechanisms allow such self-concept of maintenance: the lack of attention to moral standards and the malleability of categorization.
  11. *** Malleability is the ability of a substance to deform under pressure (compression stress).
  12. *** Many metals with high malleability also have high ductility.
  13. *** Another illustration of the metal’s malleability is provided by metal spinning.
  14. *** abundant reminder of the power, malleability and deep fun of the new form.
  15. *** Substances that have high specific gravity, malleability, opacity and especially a peculiar luster, the term “metal” became generic for all substances with these properties.
  16. *** He emphasized his belief in the richness, accuracy and malleability of the Turkish vocabulary as opposed to the Persian.
  17. *** The low melting point, weldability and malleability of the metal organ makes the construction of pipes relatively easy.
  18. *** The degree of malleability is determined by the type of yarn used, and the wool provides the greatest flexibility.

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