Use Making in a Sentence, How to use “Making” in a sentence


Use Making in a sentence. How to use the word Making in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Making.

Making - Sentence for Making - Use Making in a Sentence


Examples of Making in a sentence

  1. After making your choices, be sure to click the “Update” button below the Options Menu.
  2. The ability to search and find the kind of person you are looking for is the key to making your favorite dating site.
  3. We put extra effort into making the Search function(s) as comprehensive and as user-friendly as possible.
  4. is your best assistant for catching this opportunity and making your dreams come true.
  5. The butterflies were making aerial turns.
  6. She cheated on me by making me believe that she was an actress.
  7. Existence of neutrality in decision-making that enriches the division of public characteristics.
  8. My dad was especially skilled at making small hand-painted oil paintings.
  9. He is adept at making excuses.
  10. Our accountant is very meticulous with his work. I can not imagine it ever making a mistake.
  11. Question 5 Should the accountant making the reports visit twice a year to verify the balances of the clients’ accounts?
  12. The industries are equal in importance to the transit trade, and embrace metalworking, ironfounding and machine building, the manufacture of electric plant, celluloid, automobiles, furniture, cables and chemicals, sugar refining, cigar and tobacco making, and brewing.
  13. It is still used locally for making shoes, ships’ cables, mats and a kind of spun cloth.
  14. The men were using inflammatory language / making inflammatory comments about the other team’s supporters.
  15. The fundamental principle is that the courts will intervene to ensure that the powers of public decision-making bodies are exercised legally.
  16. All adjacent panels should be pressed evenly, making sure that all panels are aligned with each other.
  17. The current generation of leaders is making an effort to emphasize the vigor over victuals.
  18. It was a quaint little place, and Nina started making sketches.

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