Use Luxury in a Sentence, How to use “Luxury” in a sentence


Use Luxury in a sentence. How to use the word Luxury in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Luxury. Sentence for Luxury.

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Examples of Luxury in a sentence

  1. The cables detail accusations of “luxury gifts”, lucrative energy contracts and Berlusconi’s use of a “dark” Russian-speaking Italian.
  2. Pharmacy and luxury car, what a pair they were!
  3. You will live in heaven a culinary experience worthy of the great luxury hotels, all on a table exquisitely arranged and designed by the goldsmiths of the arts of the table.
  4. It seems to be reserved for the teacher to enjoy alone the periodical luxury of a _real and entire release from business and care.
  5. The time commitment is worth the luxury of never having to sneak out at dinner time!
  6. In Samaria, the metropolis, there were splendid houses, the inhabitants of which lived in magnificence and luxury.
  7. The flourishing condition of agriculture and trade increased the well-being of the people, and produced profits which led the wealthy classes into a misuse of their wealth, into extravagance and luxury.
  8. Like Amos and Hosea, Isaiah contended against the luxury and dissoluteness of the rich, the injustice of the elders, the corruption of the judges, the idolatry in the land.
  9. He neither carried weapons like his forefathers, nor went to the chase, but he surpassed all his predecessors in luxury and effeminacy.
  10. But with the splendour and luxury of the court, and the increasing wealth, the old simplicity of manners disappeared.
  11. This dilemma of course is avoided by such parents as hold either of those comfortable theories, that religion is a theology and that religion is a luxury.
  12. I wondered why any one so rich and so beautiful should ever be unhappy—for I had been schooled by poverty to believe that money is the first essential of happiness—and yet her unhappiness was as evident as her beauty, or the luxury that enveloped her.


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