Use luxurious in a sentence


Use luxurious in a sentence. How to use the word luxurious in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word luxurious. How to use “luxurious” with example sentences

Definition of luxurious

Examples of luxurious in a sentence

*** Christian, your truly luxurious life. No economy in trouble will take that.

*** It was one of the most luxurious weddings I’ve been to.


*** Organized the most luxurious productions of Mozart.

*** Do they always entertain on such a luxurious scale?

*** In Bali, a cremation is a festive, luxurious and expensive occasion.

*** At Croxford House, the luxuries of the small classes and the luxurious facilities, plus the moderately accommodating children, cushioned their shortcomings.

*** But that does not mean that it is a luxurious production, without expenses.

*** A luxurious party sounds on the historic day.

*** But the improver is in intellectual nutrition on a luxurious scale.

*** But despite all its luxurious appointments, Phase 2 is also designed for the economy.

*** Some branches enter for quite luxurious posters, some conform to the local drawing.

*** As expected of a hotel of this caliber, the rooms are luxurious and extremely comfortable.

*** The decoration is luxurious as befits a large jeweled reliquary.

*** In front of him on one of the three tables set for the luxurious dinner was Prime Minister John Major.

*** For a very private person, weddings feel like a luxurious exercise in voyeurism.

*** Along with all the other indoor plants that fern received luxurious treatment.

*** The main course was usually a luxurious cold salad.

*** At the second meeting, I toasted her, burned black as coal under luxurious butter.

*** He establishes all his accounts of misery and buys them luxurious gifts.

*** It is a necklace so luxurious that it is almost a bouquet.

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