Use Love in a Sentence, How to use “Love” in a sentence


Use Love in a sentence. How to use the word Love in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Love. Sentence for Love.

Use Love in a Sentence - How to use "Love" in a sentence

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Examples of love in a sentence

  1. I Love You!
  2. But more than a decade later, their friendship evolved into love and they emerged as a picture-perfect couple.
  3. This is a reminder to all single children who are looking for true love.
  4. Merry Christmas is the festival of love, joy and happiness that is celebrated in all parts of the world.
  5. Here’s the thing: love can be such a beautiful thing but you can never be too sure that things will always work out.
  6. Fiction geeks love good comics.
  7. With his inherent love for life, he began to meet people socially, although he abstained from alcohol and cigarettes.
  8. The romance between the ballplayer and the Latina superstar started in February 2017 but their love story goes way back to 2005 when Lopez’s then-husband Marc Anthony threw the first pitch for the New York Mets game.
  9. It’s funny how young people do not read their relationship as something loving, while adults decipher it as a teenage love … ».
  10. Miss Greenaway’s first success came with the publication of a collection of valentines, The Quiver of Love (1875).
  11. He continued with cheesy jokes that Buckingham Palace is seeking a “Super Canada-plus” agreement for the couple bound for Canada, an allusion to the love trade deal that Britain would like to reach with the European Union when it leaves the block.
  12. It turns out that Trump’s incessant chatter on the walls, deportation and his love for his daughter Ivanka are actually quite creative Valentine’s Day phrases.
  13. I do not know any animal that shows as much love and affection as foxes, that could be because I do not know any animals, like I know foxes, but that is not the point here …


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