Use Looking in a Sentence – How to use “Looking” in a sentence


Use Looking in a sentence. How to use the word Looking in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Looking. Sentence for Looking.

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Examples of looking in a sentence

  1. He was looking at a spider in the far corner of his room.
  2. I spent 2-3 minutes looking around and found:
  3. I’m always looking, as an actor, for activities.
  4. A local business was looking for office help.
  5. Anyone else looking forward to getting a vaccination verification badge on Tinder?
  6. Looking back to the seventeenth century, or forward to the late twentieth century.
  7. That will be well looking, fast loading and for search engine optimized.
  8. The factory is being satisfactory, looking forward to your reply!
  9. We then went to an exhibition of the salvaged artifacts with some very realistic looking wax work people amongst them.
  10. Tourists are looking for the striking monument of 100-foot, 176-tonne tears that rises from the edge of a peninsula in Bayonne, N.J., designed by the Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli.
  11. A firm handshake follows , during which I hear him proclaim in a booming, almost happy voice, “I’m looking for lost souls!
  12. But like the traditional samurai hairstyle (shaved pate and topknot), such attitudes are looking increasingly out of date.
  13. So there are these three yuppies with visual problems in the zoo, looking at their first elephant.
  14. These preliminary results suggest the desirability of looking beyond the female labour market for an adequate characterization of economic influences on fertility.
  15. They are perfect for various small and large businesses or non-profit sites, including e-commerce, directory listing portals, blogs or fresh looking business websites.
  16. By looking at the trends that this industry is experiencing, cost stress is one of the biggest influences on race transfers and membership trends at this time.
  17. Both Chris and his fiancée Tamsin were obsessive users of Smithereen, and Chris’s inability to avoid looking at the new updates on his timeline proved to be life-destroying.

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