Lolloping in a Sentence

Use Lolloping in a sentence. How to use the word Lolloping in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Lolloping.

Examples of Lolloping in a sentence

*** The dog came lolloping towards them.

*** The dog came lolloping up the path.

*** Tongue lolling, the dog came lolloping back from the forest.

*** They watched a rabbit lolloping across the road.

*** Donald’s dog came lolloping across the yard.

*** One such came lolloping up to Meredith, a silly grin on its face.

*** We knew that lolloping gypsy village brass had finally gone overground.

*** He turned randomly at right angles, and set off at a lolloping run.

*** They pile up brushwood to dim her in lolloping flames.

*** Our soldiers roared with laughter, as I did, when they saw them lolloping up the roads.

*** And how he laughed, watching the two heavy-headed, lolloping, half-grown, bull-dog puppies describe crazy circles upon the smooth turf in the deepening dusk.

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