Use Listed in a Sentence, How to use “Listed” in a sentence


Use listed in a sentence. How to use the word listed in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word listed. Sentence for listed.

Use Listed in a Sentence - How to use "Listed" in a sentence

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Examples of listed in a sentence

  1. The main entry words in a dictionary are listed in alphabetical order under each letter.
  2. We list your received messages by the date received with the most recent listed first.
  3. If you would like to see the Profile of the Member who sent you a message, click on the Member’s Handle in the “From” heading of your listed messages.
  4. The result of the regression shows that the value of listed companies correlates positively with the rate of assets and liabilities and the return on assets, and correlates negatively with the proportion of floating stocks.
  5. Then, study the corporate governance of China’s listed private performance, using the quadratic multiple regression curve and SPSS regression of empirical methods.
  6. We have listed some effective, motivational and inspiring quotes and quotations about the education said by the famous and popular personalities of the world.
  7. Our company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1990.
  8. On the New York Stock Exchange, 60 % of the listed stocks were rails.
  9. It is listed at the New York Stock Exchange market capitalization of US 5.5 billion.
  10. Forward Kris Versteed is listed as day-to-day with a lower-body injury.
  11. University, the researchers used food menus that listed the number of minutes it would take to get away from the articles and discovered that they can help people make healthier choices.
  12. The principal members of the group are listed below in columns and rows that give their A and B content.
  13. Other than the corrections listed above, printer’s inconsistencies in spelling, hyphenation, and ligature usage have been retained.
  14. In the tables given here the Latin and Greek names of the articles listed have been turned into English.

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