Use Light in a Sentence, How to use “Light” in a sentence


Use Light in a sentence. How to use the word Light in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Light.

Use Light in a Sentence - How to use "Light" in a sentence


Examples of Light in a sentence

  1. The sun is our main source of light.
  2. Roger Bacon‘s writings were like a flash of light in a deep darkness.
  3. In light of its often bright and incident-free season of 1995-96, the previous year quickly qualified as an aberration.
  4. In this work, we analyze the polarizing aberration of the light beam of the object on the axis, which is reflected from the reflecting surface.
  5. In television, an unwanted component in the image signal output of a camera, caused by the scattering of light in the optical system.
  6. An optical phenomenon that creates the illusion of water, often with inverted reflections of distant objects, and results from the distortion of light by alternating layers of hot and cold air.
  7. “Classic and romantic, wise and iconoclastic, light and serious, sentimental and moralistic, he created the ‘Rohmer’ style, which will survive him,” Sarkozy said in a statement.
  8. The movement of the medium, called Intermezzo, is a graceful Andante with light staccatos and melodic grace, not a melancholic or even sentimental nocturnal.
  9. While we emphasize the artificial nature of most time signals, it would be misleading to suggest that natural light has no effect.
  10. Surely she had imagined it; the light was not very good, and Jean knew that shadows could be deceiving.
  11. It is also useful for contemporary music where a light and jazz-style accompaniment is required.
  12. You were sitting in your seat, pressed by the acceleration, and you saw the rays of light bending.
  13. Light whiskey is stored in seasoned charred oak barrels, which impart little color or flavor.
  14. In the light of the universal phenomenon of distortion of information in the current securities business, this document exposes the impetus for the “big dip” caused by the forecasts for asset impairment.
  15. His research on light led to the discovery of a method of measuring its intensity, and the lambert, a unit of brightness, is named for him.

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