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Definition of Life

Examples of Life in a sentence

*** Will they be two people with the same name or the same person with a double life?

*** In summary, behavior occurs in more or less coordinated and regular sequences and patterns: social life implies patterned regularities.


*** Information on Léon Daudet biography, life story, works and writings.

*** Information on chemist Louis Jacques Thénard biography, life story, works and discoveries.

*** Taylor decided that this was the life he wanted to lead.

*** Life is not waiting until the storm is gone, but learning to dance in the rain.

*** Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

*** Their lack of qualifications condemned them to a life of boring work, generally poorly paid.

*** He found life in the provinces boring.

*** The independence of the audit is established accounting and takes the life with the base.

*** She has been an accountant throughout her working life.

*** Outwardly he was the respectable accountant who counseled people on the best way to invest their life savings.

*** Every boring hour in life is unique.

*** In life, then boring time, they are also limited edition.

*** Even the most boring moments of life are limited.

*** Life is not the game of life, or it will be without a single success; can not live without play, otherwise boring and monotonous.

*** Another aspect of social life that distinguishes one tribe from another is the political.

*** Members of a single tribe recognize as their own a certain system of politically organizing and controlling group life.

*** Although his individuality is not lost in group life, he is less than free to conduct his own affairs at his own discretion.

*** Even more important than the rituals, however, is the living of a proper life in the society.

*** Like now, with nothing, but with the possibility of building a new life.

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