Use Lies in a Sentence – How to use “Lies” in a sentence


Use Lies in a sentence. How to use the word Lies in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Lies. Sentence for Lies.

Use Lies in a Sentence

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Examples of Lies in a sentence

  1. My home town lies miles south of New York.
  2. These lies are often used.
  3. It lies between the duodenum, which connects to the stomach, and the ileum, which empties into the large intestine.
  4. It lies in an agricultural region growing rice and sugar cane.
  5. It lies 6 miles (9.6 km) northwest of that city, on the north bank of the Ohio River, in Allegheny County.
  6. El Centro lies 47 feet (14 meters) below sea level in the irrigated Imperial Valley.
  7. The city is adjacent to Hoquiam to the west and lies 46 miles by road west of Olympia.
  8. Lake Abitibi lies at an elevation of 868 feet and has an area of 350 square miles.
  9. Abidjan lies about 240 miles west of Accra, Ghana, and about 460 miles southwest of Monrovia, Liberia.
  10. The Western Sudan, which lies north of the Guinea Coast area in the savannah zone below the Sahara, is marked by great cultural diversity.
  11. The Advertising Standards Authority accused real estate agents of using blatant lies.
  12. The film aims to eliminate the lies that surround Kennedy’s life and death.
  13. The problem lies in deciding when to intervene.
  14. Expecially some kind of men tell lies to their girlfriends, wife, mistress etc.
  15. Here are the top ten lies men.
  16. At the commencement of her existence she crept out upon the shores of an island that was near,–the island of Cythera,–which lies south of the Peloponnesus.
  17. The land which is destined to receive you is Italy, a land far removed from this spot, and your way to it lies over wide and boisterous seas.
  18. The meaning of absolute music lies in its structure alone.
  19. About equally distant from the northern and southern edge of the table-land, to the east of the desert of the interior, lies a considerable lake, now called Hamun, but known to the Greeks as Areios.


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