Leveler in a Sentence

Use Leveler in a sentence. How to use the word Leveler in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Leveler.

Definition of Leveler

Examples of Leveler in a sentence

*** The job of power leveler makes me feel that I have dignity.

*** A hydraulic system was developed for the laser terrain leveler for the rice field.

*** The spring leveler is the standard solution for loading and unloading.

*** The hydraulic spring leveler is a special type of mechanism that makes the discharge speed a reality.

*** Loading dock. Ladder, ladder and dock leveler can be shown or hidden.

*** Mass culture is supposedly a leveler and a globalizer; By definition, we all share mass cultural references.

*** Love, like death, a universal leveler of humanity.

*** At the moment, the design for medium plate roller leveler was mainly based on the analog approach in China, and the essence of the roller leveler is the lack of research.

*** The WC 43 series leveler is an integral lift roller leveler with many top rollers.

*** The main product: industrial door panel, industrial doors, residential doors, logistics doors, dock leveler – etc.

*** The results can be consulted in the design and development of the plate leveler.

*** Therefore, we have the saying, death is the great leveler.

*** The problems of the carding fabric, the dust and dust absorption system, the automatic blow-card leveler, the carding process between the cylinder and the planes of a carding machine are discussed.

*** Drag to the page, then right click to show or hide ladder, ladder or dock leveler.


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