Use Let me in a Sentence, How to use “Let me” in a sentence


Use Let me in a sentence. How to use the word Let me in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Let me. Sentence for Let me.

Use Let me in a Sentence - How to use "Let me" in a sentence


Examples of Let me in a sentence

  1. But let me think.
  2. Let me see,” said she.
  3. Let me try the next.
  4. Let me be your knight in shining armor.
  5. Let me get off and see.
  6. Let me hear from you.
  7. Let me tell you what good order is.
  8. Let me carry her in my hands.
  9. Let me see,” said Stuyvesant, and he came to the place.
  10. Let me see,–I want something to make a smoke.
  11. “I think you might let me have it as well as him,” said Phonny.
  12. I advise you, then,–let me see,–what shall I advise you?
  13. Let me nail this down, and then we will begin our experiment regularly.
  14. Well, now try to say the Alphabet, and let me see if I can put you out there.
  15. I wish that they would let me go alone sometimes.
  16. Let me go, Stivy, that will be the best plan.
  17. “Now,” continued his mother, “let me recapitulate what I have taught you.”
  18. He kept going on with these TERRIBLE comments and wouldn’t let me walk away when I tried.
  19. But, before I proceed, let me protect myself from misconception by one or two remarks.
  20. When any thing wrong is done in school, I generally state the case, and request the individuals who have done it to let me know who they are.
  21. Let me repeat that: this dad makes his teenage daughter do chores as a way to ‘pay him back’ because he spends additional money each month on her because of her biology.
  22. “I wish,” said his mother, “that you would let me have the hatchet to carry in the house and keep it till you grow older.”

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