Use Less in a Sentence, How to use “Less” in a sentence


Use less in a sentence. Sentence for less. How to use the word less in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word less. How to use “less” with example sentences.

Use Less in a Sentence - How to use "Less" in a sentence


Examples of less in a sentence

  1. You are the team that thinks they make us less smart.
  2. As was his first conviction for robbery, he received a less severe sentence.
  3. Its acceleration led to these rays, so they would have less distance to travel than normal.
  4. All the time, there is less research on the volumetric suction efficiency of the large caliber piston pump and they are behind the needs of the production development.
  5. If there had been less enthusiasm among the congregation for ufology, perhaps they would have devised public punishment for me.
  6. In less than twenty-four hours, London was in turmoil.
  7. Although highly effective as minister of economic warfare, he was less effective at the exchequer.
  8. Each item on your list must contain at least one or two paragraphs, please, neither less nor more.
  9. Adhesion, therefore, implies less than accession but more than approval, which means that the approving state makes no objection to the conclusion of the treaty by the signatory and acceding states.
  10. Small in size—mites are less than 0.04 inch long, and ticks are about 0.79 inch—the acarinoid body is divided into two regions.
  11. Certain parts of the muscular wall of the body are less well rein-forced than others.
  12. Hinnies are smaller and less adaptable to training than mules, the offspring of a male donkey (jackass) and a female horse (mare).
  13. Karpov perceives expertly that his bishop is worth less than the Black Knight, who has prospects for the future in both d4 and f4.
  14. The eyeball is too short from front to back or the lens is less curved.
  15. Old people become farsighted because their lenses become less flexible.

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