Length in a sentence

Use Length in a sentence. How to use the word Length in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Length. Sentence for Length.

Length - Sentence for Length - Use Length in a Sentence

Examples of Length in a sentence

1 – The length accumulator move to the other.

2 – Each of the counterweights is formed by a bar element, which has a constant section along its entire length and which is obtained by cutting a bar of indefinite length to measure.

3 – The maximum force increases with the increase of the axial length of the coil, given the fixed diameters of the coil. The acceleration of the armature reaches its maximum when the axial length of the coils is short is short.

4 – Vascular gauge with the scale of the ocular measurement of the operating microscope, the length and distribution of the blood vessels using a ruler and the measurement of sub-regulation.

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