Leave in a sentence

How to use the word Leave in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Leave.

Examples of Leave in a sentence

1 – They leave unwanted objects in drawers, closets and attics.

2 – I’m planning to leave on the twentieth.

3 – More unknowns offers the name of the finalist who will leave the part of the box through which pass the Bidasoa Irún, second classified of the ASOBAL League, the Liberbank Cuenca, the ABANCA Ademar de León and the Fraikin Granollers.

4 – I had a bit of desire to leave all this behind.


5 – Contemporary much of these original series that have been produced, we have already covered on the web so I leave here a few links.

6 – In short, an interesting proposal that promises surrealism and delirious situations that will satisfy those addicted to absurd humor, but for those who seek something else is likely to leave them cold.

7 – They leave doubts and incomprehension.

8 – Chris hangs up and tells Jaden he can leave, but Jaden is moved by Chris’s misery and tries to keep Chris from shooting himself.


9 – The summer league of the NBA that was played in Las Vegas was canceled while the spectators hurried to leave the stadium.

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