Use Leather in a Sentence, How to use “Leather” in a sentence


Use Leather in a sentence. How to use the word Leather in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Leather. Sentence for Leather.

Use Leather in a Sentence - How to use "Leather" in a sentence

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Examples of Leather in a sentence

  1. Police arrested the alleged thief after catching him with a leather jacket and a. 22 caliber revolver under a parked car.
  2. He was born in Paris on Jan. 30, 1841 and became a wealthy leather merchant.
  3. This small opening had once been fitted with a sort of lid, which was attached by leather hinges on its upper edge to a wooden bar or cleat nailed to the side of the house, just over the square hole.
  4. Next he made two hinges of leather, and nailed them on in their places, upon the upper side of the board.
  5. He was just drawing out some of the nails, by which the leather of the bellows was nailed to the sides.
  6. So Jonas proceeded to take off the leather from one of the sides of the bellows.
  7. By this time, Jonas had taken off the leather so far that Nathan could see into the bellows.
  8. By this time, Jonas had got the leather off so far, that he could get at the clapper to mend it.
  9. So Jonas took some leather, and cut out a piece, of an oblong shape, a little wider than the hole, and about twice as long.
  10. Then he took some small carpet nails, and nailed one of the ends of the leather down to the board.
  11. Then Jonas put his hand down under the board, and run one of his fingers up through the hole, and pushed the leather up a little way.
  12. Then Jonas cut a small leather strap, and nailed one end of it down upon one side of the clapper, and the other end upon the other side of the clapper.


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