Use Learned in a Sentence – How to use “Learned” in a sentence


Use Learned in a sentence. How to use the word Learned in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Learned. Sentence for Learned.

Use Learned in a Sentence - How to use "Learned" in a sentence


Examples of Learned in a sentence

  1. When Abigail learned of this, she intercepted David’s forces and appeased them with gifts.
  2. The “three learned professions” have been, historically, theology, medicine, and law.
  3. More recently, engineering has qualified as a learned profession.
  4. It has a press for learned publications, a division of adult education, and several specialized institutes.
  5. The dog was discombobulated until it learned its way around the new house.
  6. She can do sums, but has not yet learned to subtract.
  7. He also learned what “the same” and “different” mean, a crucial step in human intellectual development that has become a staple of Sesame Street’s work.
  8. They used to be just another attraction in a children’s zoo, but then they learned how to do trampoline.
  9. The officers, however, have learned to see beyond these little tricks, and few Arabs succeed in wriggling through their drag-net.
  10. We never saw him again, but we learned that his sister, a very young girl, had been forcibly taken by a Turkish officer of the Nazareth garrison.
  11. When I learned of this tragedy, I determined to get out of the army and return to my village at all costs.
  12. There he learned Arabic and became thoroughly acquainted with the country and with the ways of the
    Druses, and there he conceived the idea of winning the Druses for England to counteract the influence of the French Maronites.
  13. He got little satisfaction at first, for they lived in mortal terror of the outlaw; they grew bolder, however, when they learned his purpose.
  14. With a sinking at my heart I rushed up to the American Consulate for details and there learned that the U.S.S. Des Moines was to sail in a few hours for Rhodes with Italian and Greek refugees and that I could
    go on her if I wished.

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