Leaf in a Sentence

Use Leaf in a sentence. How to use the word Leaf in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Leaf.

Definition of Leaf

Examples of Leaf in a sentence

*** Donald turned over a new leaf when he met Susan.

*** The leaf decomposed.

*** A leaf is falling.

*** Lavish designs in gold leaf frame a miniature painting on the cover of an 18-th century French binding.

*** Twentieth century decorative binding, with leather inlays boldly outlined in gold leaf on undyed goatskin.

*** The leaf is falling.

*** She trembled like a leaf.

*** Fold the leaf in half.

*** Donald trembled like a leaf.

*** What’s on the leaf?

*** The main distinguishing feature of this species is the shape of the leaf.

*** Take the withered leaf from the balsam and look at the grassy wall, where many children play.

*** If the leaf or bark of a eucalyptus tree is swallowed in small amounts, symptoms may include vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.

*** Opposite leaves, rarely fasciculate or alternative, simple or compound; leaf or leaflets with webbed veins.

*** Leaf Attributes: Alternative leaves, from heart to arrow, bright green.

*** A decorative design representing the leaf of this plant, found especially on the capitals of Corinthian columns.

*** A leaf with a one-inch stem can be put in a glass of water to root.

*** You can also plant the leaf and stem directly into a sand and peat moss mixture.

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