Use Lavish in a Sentence, How to use “Lavish” in a sentence


Use Lavish in a sentence. How to use the word Lavish in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Lavish.

Use Lavish in a Sentence - How to use "Lavish" in a sentence


Examples of Lavish in a sentence

  1. As consumers, they lavish money in their free time, buying DVDs, furniture and homemade food.
  2. However, even in a country as extravagant as North Korea, it would be strange to organize a lavish meeting of the main party hackers without any reason.
  3. For example: Donald, a cheeky hedonist, indulging his impulses with lavish meals and multiple sexual partners.
  4. To compensate for weak traditional loyalties, he has asked favors for lavish ministerial appointments.
  5. The Swedish royal family is preparing for the lavish wedding of their crown princess on Saturday, even as more citizens say the country should divorce the monarchy.
  6. Some of us in the press were there, with bulging eyes at the lavish hospitality.
  7. The reception for the new ambassador was quite lavish.
  8. At his request, the Nobel committee skipped the usual lavish dinner for the prize-winner and gave the money to the poor.
  9. But I slipped from her bed without remembering the caresses and loving words that she had felt obliged to lavish on me in exchange for the six thousand francs that I left her.
  10. The dramatic effects of lighting, the dynamic architectural forms and the lavish decoration of the Baroque churches were intended to frighten, inspire and convert visitors.
  11. He who does not look at a penny will lavish a pound.
  12. The night was a lavish party with glorious food and an endless supply of champagne.
  13. There is still talk of the lavish party today.
  14. When he refused, they sent him home, with lavish gifts, to complete his task.
  15. They banned lavish wedding ceremonies, ending the dazzling Punjabi wedding.
  16. The government plans lavish festivities to entertain all the friends it claims to have.
  17. An elaborate farewell for the dead was also a social event, because a lavish funeral was reflected in the living.

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