Use largely in a sentence

Use largely in a sentence. How to use the word largely in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word largely. How to use “largely” with example sentences

Definition of largely

Examples of largely in a sentence

*** The underground system of paper cables has been very largely extended, Cables between New York, Detroit, Las Vegas, Utah.

*** Creating an exciting and healthy vegetarian cuisine is largely a matter of technique.


*** But attempts to push Chiang into action were largely futile.

*** I tried my best to join, but the conversation was largely unintelligible.

*** During the 1920s and 1930s, interest in occupational family allowances grew, but the impulse to introduce them came largely from individuals.

*** The son of a tailor, he was largely self-educated.


*** It was largely due to the abolitionists that the Civil War, when it came, was regarded by the North chiefly as an antislavery conflict.

*** It consists of a prologue, an epilogue, lyric interludes, and 24 narrative poems that are largely retellings, inspired by Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, of classical and medieval tales.

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