Use Large in a Sentence, How to use “Large” in a sentence


Use large in a sentence. How to use the word large in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word large. How to use “large” with example sentences

Use Large in a Sentence - How to use "Large" in a sentence

Examples of large in a sentence

  1. A large operation employs a chief accountant, in charge of all hotel financial records.
  2. The distribution and allocation of such a large community airdrop is complex and we want to do it right.
  3. In one system the main cables terminate in large airtight iron boxes placed in the manholes.
  4. There, the large cables divide into a number of small cables, which are carried along the footways in pipes and are tapped at suitable points to serve subscribers.
  5. Their religion is, to a large extent, the regression to a past of obedience, disobedience, sin and perdition.
  6. The theory of optical electron aberration for angularly wide and transversely large electron beams in electromagnetic focusing systems with curvilinear axes has been further developed.
  7. There is a part of the country with a particularly large Indian population. That is the southwest.
  8. Large supermarkets can undermine all their rivals, especially small stores on the main street.
  9. They smashed the wine in a large barrel.
  10. Intelligence is required to run a large corporation.
  11. He runs a large pension fund.
  12. He administers a large hedge fund.
  13. Due to the lack of coincidence of the reticle between two layers, there was an alternative tension field in the multilayer, which counted for a large part of the improvement of the hardness of the multilayer.
  14. Brains are required to manage a large corporation.
  15. Money is usually important. Postal questionnaires are cheap to administer and can cover a large number of people.
  16. Its large scale means that it is important at this stage not to be distracted by companies that make misleading ethical claims.
  17. It would be misleading to imply from Mazda’s experience that all large companies have immunity from bankruptcy.
  18. A large illuminated star was raised, accompanied by a display of fireworks.

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