Use Laboriously in a Sentence, How to use “Laboriously” in a sentence


Use Laboriously in a sentence. How to use the word Laboriously in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Laboriously. Sentence for Laboriously.

Use Laboriously in a Sentence - How to use "Laboriously" in a sentence


Examples of Laboriously in a sentence

  1. It embodies the fruit of investigations laboriously carried on through six years.
  2. Laboriously he edged himself forward.
  3. Laboriously Barton went back and reread the phrase to himself.
  4. Laboriously the White Linen Nurse scrambled to her knees.
  5. Laboriously the big eyes lifted to his.
  6. Very laboriously, very painstakingly, he spat out one by one two stones and a wisp of ground pine and a brackish, prickly tickle of stale golden-rod.
  7. Very laboriously with his numbed hands, with his strange, unresponsive legs, he edged himself forward a little till he could just reach her shoulder.
  8. he spelled out laboriously.
  9. Laboriously one eyebrow began to jerk its way up his forehead, and with a purely mechanical instinct he reached up drolly and pulled it down again.
  10. Complete annihilation being unfeasible at the moment he merely climbed laboriously out of the car, re-cranked the engine, climbed laboriously back into his place and started on his way once more.
  11. That they had for several years been laboriously building on illusions could not be disguised, and being made to look absurd before those of their own compatriots who had all along advocated a policy based on the preservation and exploitation of Turkey, rendered the situation doubly awkward.
  12. Writers were laboriously endeavoring to master the newer and more artistic forms of poetry introduced from other countries, but when the forms had been achieved the spirit had often fled, leaving only an empty shell.
  13. The gas jet sizzled blatantly across the room, and a tiny blue flame toiled laboriously in a cooking lamp beneath a pot of water.
  14. With a chug like the chug of a motor-boat the little closed car came splashing laboriously round the driveway.

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