Use Known in a Sentence – How to use “Known” in a sentence


Use Known in a sentence. How to use the word Known in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Known. Sentence for Known.

Use Known in a Sentence - How to use "Known" in a sentence


Examples of known in a sentence

  1. There are six known species of argonauts, and they make up the genus Argonauta of the family Argonautidae.
  2. Damaskinos;(1891-1949), Greek archbishop of Athens, is chiefly known for his role as regent of Greece during the civil war of 1944-1946.
  3. It is also known as the red setter.
  4. Schlüter’s work on the Berlin Palace and some of his other lost works are known from drawings and photographs.
  5. Andrea Cesalpino; (1525-1603), Italian botanist, physician, and philosopher, who is best known for his classification of plants and his early studies of blood circulation.
  6. *** But Gorlin and Packer said doctors had known for 20 years how to safely administer the drug.
  7. *** For example, take rubidium atoms at a sufficiently low temperature in a compact space, and quickly become indistinguishable, behaving as a single particle (known as Bose-Einstein condensate).
  8. *** Divers make their way through a freshwater sink, known as a cenote, on the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan in this undated photo.
  9. *** You have known something about her; the rest do not need to ask.
  10. *** Before changing its name to Xerox Corporation, the company was known as Haloid Company and then Haloid Xerox Inc.
  11. *** Dalmatians were originally known as “coach dogs” in England, where they were used as guards for mail coaches and later for fashionable carriages.
  12. *** Zinsser was known as a brilliant conversationalist and was also talented as a poet.
  13. *** The primitive tribal peoples who occupied Australia before the coming of the Europeans, and who in the 19th century often were referred to as “blackfellows,” now are regularly known as Australian aborigines, to distinguish them from Australians of European origin.
  14. *** The creature is also known by the name Yeti and by other local names.

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