Use Kinds in a Sentence – How to use “Kinds” in a sentence


Use Kinds in a sentence. How to use the word Kinds in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Kinds. Sentence for Kinds.

use kinds in a sentence

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Examples of Kinds in a sentence

  1. The two main kinds of safes are the money safe and the record safe.
  2. It is a soup with all kinds of ingredients.
  3. Children learn about all kinds of animals when they study zoology.
  4. The profunda lingual artery has two kinds of branches.
  5. This machine is used for putting on and nitrile – butadiene rubber of all kinds of the roller.
  6. Inside there are all kinds of exhibitors and inside their stands there is another car show with an incredible variety of hot rod examples.
  7. The samba ardency is full of the triumphant atmosphere and all kinds of Caribbean music.
  8. In the system of sociological branches, always suffers all kinds of dejection as a second class citizen.
  9. Deeds, mortgages, leases, and powers of attorney affecting land are the kinds of instruments most commonly requiring an acknowledgement, but in some U.S. states other documents, such as chattel mortgages and articles of incorporation, also must be acknowledged.
  10. Members of different families usually build different kinds of cases.
  11. By using the measure criterion of intersymbol interference, the parameter optimization and robustness of timing jitter of interpolation filter for a few kinds of shaping functions has been studied.
  12. In sharp contrast color, but the taste of all kinds of raw materials are independent of each other, to reconcile, the taste is all that simple.
  13. Through developing, popularizing all kinds of roads of business software, realize the electronization, standardization, and scientific process in the road management.
  14. Explains four kinds of main quality index of multispeed induction motor, the methods to estimate its qualities and the application field of energy-saving multispeed induction motor.
  15. Preparation and applications of two kinds of chelating surfactant derived from citric acid were introduced with di-sodium salt of citric acid, high fatty alcohol monoester focused.


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