Use Key in a Sentence, How to use “Key” in a sentence


Use Key in a sentence. How to use the word Key in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Key. Sentence for Key.

Key - Sentence for Key - Use Key in a Sentence Examples


Examples of Key in a sentence

  1. Motivation is the key to success.
  2. Must have a key type of momentum in the country of a people, this is a moral excellence.
  3. Unlock the cabinet with this key.
  4. I know my keys are here somewhere.
  5. Do you know where Donald put his keys?
  6. This is the key to the whole mystery.
  7. It was careless of you to lose the key.
  8. Donald got out his key and opened the door.
  9. Give me the keys so I can unlock the door.
  10. It was careless of you to lose my car key.
  11. I have a spare key to my house hidden outside.
  12. I spent the whole evening trying to find my keys.
  13. Donald pulled out his keys, but then he noticed the door was already unlocked.
  14. I lost the door key, so I can’t enter the house.
  15. Donald locked the drawer and put the key his pocket.
  16. I left my keys on the table. Could you bring them to me?
  17. In this journey, Guillermo carries boxes, paper … he does not know for sure, because he does not carry it or have the key to open it.
  18. Knowing what to do before, during and after an earthquake is key to your survival and that of your family.
  19. She also shared that one key to co-parenting is to have the same rules under two roofs.
  20. One vital key to its success is that the makers had repeatedly failed with many other projects before this one.
  21. Whether it’s an intelligent watch, a practical jacket or anything else that addresses basic human needs, you can see from all these that perseverance is the key.

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